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Lambeth is a global borough at a crucial intersection of London. It is one of absolute extremities and opposites accommodating varied peoples with unlimited creativities and remarkable industry.

As global citizens, we live in an increasingly interconnected planet. We share our neighbours' achievements and failures, feel their happiness and suffering, and sometimes even combine forces to build a better future. At other times, we gladly move back to regain focus for fresh adventures. Antinomies, or opposites, are at heart of all things we do and think.

With this very first TEDxLambeth, we will give platform to unusual suspects, expose veiled expertise, and share what is common to us all: humanity. A confluence of infectious and persistent ideas are what we support. We want to live in a society that observes, constructs and expresses through Antinomies. Join us in this journey.

We are TEDxLambeth: Antinomies! See you in October 

The Royal Society of Arts 

The Strand


Friday 11th October 2019, 1.30 pm to 5pm

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