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Services                                                   The World to Heal (Formally "Calmingthoughts") is committed to helping as many people as is possible; by helping individual people physically and the mind with the help of spirit. Alan does not preach or try to convert people to his way of thinking.  The sole purpose is to help a person to be free in mind and then be able to lead their life how they choose to.                                                                             

Below are examples of a problem you might be suffering with:

Do you find you cannot sleep soundly, and are tired and irritable in the day?


Do you feel ill all the time and when you have yourself checked nothing is found to be wrong with you?


Do you find nothing goes right for you however hard you try?


Is it hard to make decisions, when this is out of character?


Do you feel you are being watched when you are at home alone?


Does your dog bark or growl at the wall for no apparent reason?


Do you put things down and when you go for them they aren't there?


Is there an unnatural chill in the house, or a cold spot?


If you can answer yes to two or more of these questions then Alan can help you.


The chances are that you could have negative spirit energies in your home.


If you wish to secure Alan's help then please go to the Shop Page where you can make a deposit or payment in full.


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Alan also offers Healing and Psychic Surgery. Please do not hesitate to see how he can help you.

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