The World to Heal
The World to Heal


Every day is a blessing. Enjoy today even with the problems you may have. Thank God he has given you the opportunity to solve them. If you cannot solve them they may be meant to be, or you are not looking at the problem in the correct way. 

Just a thought, a calming thought.


People who haven't the gift of sight find their way. Why is it we who have that gift can't find our way. God will always lead all of us if we let him. Just a thought, a calming thought.


Always in life reach for the stars. If you reach the clouds that is a real achievement. Never give up, you will get there. Just a thought, a calming thought.


At what point in our lives do we release our fears and trust in Gods protection. Just a thought, a calming thought.


How do you measure success. Is it how much money and possessions you have or how many true real friends you have ? Just a thought, a calming thought.


I heard the cry but didn't look where it came from. I was frightened of what I would find, I walked on ignoring the plea for help. Why would I do that, because it was ME WHO WAS CRYING. Look deep inside and find out why you are crying, then you can wipe your tears and smile. Just a thought a calming thought.


Just hearing the birds singing as I awaken from my night's sleep reminds me that I have been given the gift of life, and have a new day to do wonderful things.

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