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        The World to Heal.             Mission is to help as many people as possible for them to find their true path in life. If you need help understanding where you are in life and need spiritual advice, then you are in the right place for help.                           Alan Cox

The World to Heal (Formally "Calmingthoughts") is commited to helping the world to heal it's self; by helping to heal individual people physically and of the mind with the help of spirit.

Father Alan Cox is the first Valentinian Priest in England for at least 700 years when records were destroyed.

Alan does not preach or try to convert people to his way of thinking.

The sole purpose is to help a person to be free in mind and then be able to lead their life how they choose to.




Hello and thank you for viewing my website. I hope you find the contents interesting and informative. All clairvoyant readings by me are for entertainment purposes only. This is a legal requirement. I am only too happy to conform to the law, and I do understand why it has been necessary to enforce such a requirement. I just wish to say that I take my work seriously and I endeavour to help whomever comes to me for help and advice in a caring and professional manner. I am not a Doctor or Psychotherapist. If anyone is receiving treatment from a Doctor or Hospital then they are advised to continue with this. I cannot guarantee any cure or improvement in health. I am used as a vessel for God's energy, and I put my trust and faith in him.




Please explore this website to get a better understanding of how help is at hand.



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